I feel very fortunate to have received a referral to Lisa during our journey to have a second baby. Our first pregnancy happened quickly and everything went smoothly. While trying to have our second baby we experienced a total of five losses and were struggling for answers and what to do next. I consider myself a healthy individual so it was frustrating from a health perspective. I consulted with Lisa and began acupuncture treatments before and continued them during my pregnancy. Lisa also recommended dietary guidelines and herbal support which I gladly followed. Nora is now 17 months. I feel that Lisa was instrumental in my being able to maintain a healthy pregnancy. I am thankful that Nora is here but I was sad to see my time with Lisa end. She was wonderful to work with and I found acupuncture very relaxing during a stressful time. If you are looking for support in your fertility journey, please consider consulting with Lisa.

Dear Lisa, From the minute I came into your office, I knew I was in the right place. Your office is beautiful, and I was immediately calmed by your warm presence. I appreciate the way you listened attentively to all my issues (I had so many!). I was a little nervous about the needles, but you made it pretty easy. It has been a long journey and I’m still working on some of the pain, and still do have some hot flashes at times, but SO much less than before. 
I look forward to continuing to work with you for a long time, because I feel better when I do. And I know health is a journey, not an event (as you so aptly put it). I’m glad I have you on my journey.

Sam, Lakewood CO

Lisa has been instrumental in helping my husband and I navigate the road through fertility treatments. She is always willing to listen and we know we’re in good hands. Crossing our fingers, because we now have 4 embryos waiting!

Lena & Josh

When my doctors won’t listen, Lisa does. She helps me put it all together and helps me understand why I hurt and what to do about it.  Thank you Lisa.

My husband and I were not successful in getting pregnant. We thought long and hard about adoption, but in the end realized that we are whole and happy with our lives as they are. We are more than just our desire to have a baby. Lisa helped us see that, and helped us with all the really hard decisions along the way. We had a lot of choices, and we chose what was right for us. Thanks again.

Lisa! Mindfulness has changed the way I see things and handle the “Full Catastrophe” of my life!  I had so much fun in class learning about putting things into perspective and finding the stillness inside when life is so chaotic. I look forward to one of your retreats so we can do it again!


I came to Lisa as a referral from another acupuncturist. I came to her because I was deathly afraid of needles, and I hoped we wouldn’t need to use any. She was very patient with me, and in the beginning we used only 1 or 2 needles, and then I graduated to being able to tolerate 4 or 5. I still hate needles! But I thank Lisa for our sweet baby Zainah.


I appreciate that Lisa made it less threatening to talk about issues between me and my wife. I’m in my 60’s and can’t do the things I used to be able to do. Lisa told me that with aging the rules change, but we can still have fun. We just need to get used to the new rules. That was true for me, and the treatments helped too. It’s not something that only a few treatments can cure. So I get needled about every 2 to 3 weeks, and it keeps me fit and my wife happy. AJ

I have dealt with my depression and anxiety with a combination of acupuncture and laughter yoga. Someday I’m going to try the meditation class. But learning to laugh again is therapy for me. KK

Dear Lisa, I have been meaning to come visit you but this maternity leave has flown by! I just wanted to say thank you for keeping me healthy throughout my pregnancy and helping us conceive this beautiful little soul! Everything went so well. Thanks for all you do! Amy C.

Hi Lisa, I saw you yesterday and I just wanted to let you know the good news. I have regained feeling in my feet by the time I got home last night everything was fine. I am just totally thrilled. The tightness in my chest is 99% gone. I can’t thank you enough. HM