For your convenience, here are some of my favorite products*

If you have neck pain, I may have let you try this Real-Ease Neck Support. I use one at home, and have another in my office just for you! Click below to check it out yourself:


Allergy Products

Best Fertility Products:

Best to purchase ovulation predictor strips as you need them, as they do expire! If we haven’t talked about how to use them effectively for the most accurate information, be sure to ask. Clear Blue is the most reliable brand I know. Check them out here:

CLEAR BLUE Ovulation Test Strips

Fair Haven is a solid company with a good reputations. If you’re a patient, I may mention other supplements that are more specific to your particular situation. So start here!

FAIR HAVEN FertilAid for Women

To support egg health & ovulation, you’ll need the correct form of Folate, Chiro-and Myo-Inositol, and CoQ10


Fertility Supplements for Healthy, Motile Sperm

Keep the boys health and active. In up to 50% percent of all fertility issues

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