Acupuncture helps Arvada peeps stay active!

There are many reasons to use acupuncture. For those of us who demand a little more from ourselves and our bodies, acupuncture can be an incredibly efficient tool for success.

Here are some areas where simple acupuncture treatments can help you meet your fitness goals and sustain your active lifestyle.

Stress, anxiety, focus, motivation:

You may already know about acupuncture for relieving stress and decreasing anxiety. But did you know that acupuncture can also enhance focus and improve motivation? What would that mean for your workout consistency and success?

Energy, stamina, strength:

Busy people who work and have families are often tired. Making the extra effort to take care of our bodies through exercise can help us immensely, as exercise itself builds stamina and strength. Acupuncture is a great support to increase energy levels, making it easier to start and stick to an exercise routine, and help you get maximum benefit.

Injury treatment and recovery:

Pulls, sprains and strains? Acupuncture! You may feel you need to put your exercise and activities aside as you struggle with an injury or pain syndrome. But having acupuncture in the toolbox to manage pain, strains and sprains will help you recover more quickly and efficiently. You’ll be back up and running (or playing, cycling, swimming) again in no time.

Endurance recovery:

Pushing yourself hard to reach a mileage goal, or complete a marathon? Let acupuncture help your body recover. Acupuncture aids in exercise recovery and is an all-inclusive way to incorporate self-care into a healthy restorative routine.

Response time, competition:

If you’re more competitive and looking for that edge, acupuncture also increases blood flow and response time in athletes. And that translates into running faster, jumping higher……you get it.

Heide has a background as a personal trainer, as well as education in sports acupuncture and Classical Pilates. She has a passion for all things movement and exercise, and is here to help you reach your fitness and exercise goals.

So…whether you are a weekend warrior or a highly trained athlete, or simply in need of some healing and self-care, we are here for you at Life Long Acupuncture!

Heide Manns, LAc. , Life Long Acupuncture, Arvada CO

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