Menopause and Beyond

As more women transition into menopause than ever before in United States history, it is important to know there are viable alternatives in dealing with symptoms.

In the past 50 years, menopause has been promoted as a disease. This perception of menopause as a pathology creates not only a difficult environment in which women can make informed decisions regarding their healthcare, but the comfort and ease with which women feel around aging.

Chinese medicine understands menopause as a natural waning process of reproductive energies that is accompanied by a waxing of personal creativity and wisdom energies.

This process, however, can amplify imbalances that manifest as hot flashes, insomnia and other symptoms of menopause. Chinese medicine deals with these symptoms in an effective way without the use of medications such as HRT that may have deleterious side effects. The use of acupuncture and herbs can be so helpful in supporting the body through this transition.

Lets work together to restore health and vibrancy, an enable you to enjoy this beautiful season of your life!