Often in pregnancy, pharmaceuticals and many over the counter medications are contraindicated. Acupuncture and herbs bring relief from physical and emotional symptoms in a natural and completely safe manner. In addition, regular acupuncture care during pregnancy often adverts conditions that may lead to medical intervening such as pre-eclampsia, breech presentation, ‘incompetent’ cervix, among others. Chinese medicine does a beautiful job preparing the body for a strong and easy birth as well as a easy recovery postpartum.

In Chinese medicine the uterus is known as “Zi gong”, translated as “Seed Palace” or “Fetal Palace”. These beautiful connotations reflect the grace and respect with which Chinese medicine approaches issues in pregnancy. For thousands of years, pregnant women have been treated safely and effectively with acupuncture and herbs for a variety of conditions. Like acupuncture, special herbal formulas have been prescribed to pregnant women for hundreds of years, such as Zi Chan Mi Yan Liang Fang, “Secret, Proven, Efficacious Prescription for Treating Birthing”.